Affordable Homes For Sale In Crestview Florida

Affordable Homes For Sale In Crestview Florida

This beautiful home in Crestview Is Currently Available For Sale

There are many Affordable Homes For Sale in Crestview Florida right now!

Do you want a big yard, three bedrooms, garage, great place to raise kids…..all for $150,000! Crestview, Florida is the perfect place for military families relocating to:

  • Eglin AFB
  • Hurlburt Field AFB
  • Duke Field AFB
  • 7Th Special Forces Group

As I mentioned there are some wonderful and affordable homes for sale in Crestview Florida right now.  And here’s the thing , Military allowance provides ample dollars to assist you with your living requirements.

Here’s how it works….

The bare minimum, E-1 with dependents,  Basic Allowance Housing (BAH) rate is $1,158 per month.  Current VA loans are at an interest rate 4.2% and they do not require you put down payments on home purchases.

So let’s do the math….

The home above is priced at $150,000 with no down payment required your monthly mortgage payment will be $734 (30 year mortgage) a month.  Calculate the cost of taxes ($150 a month and  insurance ($100) your total month mortgage payment will be $984 a month!

So let’s take this one step further…

  • The government gives you $1158.00 to live here and it only costs you $984.00.  So your making $174 a month or $2,088 a year to live there.
  •  In addition the government is paying the mortgage on your house that will be worth $374,000 in 30 years based on a 3% annual appreciation rate.

So for no money down you get to live in a wonderful house free, while you are in the military that will more than double in value!

So if you want a great home for your family  and an investment that will more than double  in value call me today at 850-502-3662 and I’ll find you some great Affordable Homes For Sale in Crestview Florida.

The property shown in the picture above is listed by EGFH RE/MAX Agency One I.

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Crestview Real Estate 

Crestview was built on the prosperity of its natural resources.  Its easy accessibility allowed Crestview to continue to grow into a booming town of vast opportunity.  The CSX, Inc. Railroad runs through Crestview, which brings business to the area.  Parallel with this railroad, the Old Spanish Trail extends west from Jacksonville to El Paso, TX.  This trail was one of the great truck lines of the county and is rich in tradition and history of the Indian, French, Spanish and English settlers.  Crestview was officially incorporated in 1916. Crestview’s name was chosen because of its location on the peak of a long woodland range between the Yellow and Shoal rivers, which flow almost parallel on the east and west side of the city. After the State Legislature formed Okaloosa County in 1915 from portions of the western Walton County and eastern Santa Rosa County, Crestview became the county seat in 1917 and remains so today.

View more great Affordable Homes for Sale in Crestview Florida near Eglin AFB, Hurlburt Field AFB, Duke Field AFB and the 7th Special Forces Group like the one above.